This page is to give tribute to some people. Remembering Michael Bruno motivated me to add the page.


Michael Bruno an Israeli economist, died in 1996 of cancer. He was a governor of Israel's central bank and a former World Bank Chief Economist. Just a few months before his death, he devoted some of his precious time to helping achieve a fair outcome to a complex situation involving scientific publication. His motivation could only have been his sense of fair-play, honesty and integrity in science and scientific publication. I have glad to have met him.  


Jean-Francois Mertens was a brilliant game theorist who died in 2012  from cancer. He followed his intellectual interests and I believe went where ever they took him. His work is greatly admired. He also liked wine, women and scotch - not necessarily in that order. But I think that for him, science, publications, and creative ideas did not have genders.


Leo Hurwicz was my PhD supervisor. It was several years after the completion of my PhD that I came to have some understanding of how he worked.  Most of us read lightly. Then, if we wish to understand more deeply, we read again. And then perhaps again, depending on the complexity of the material and how deeply we want to understand.  Leo Hurwicz was different. He dug down to the very bottom of the first definition.  Only then would he move on to the second.  And so on.  Sometimes students presenting papers would not get beyond the second definition since, if it was at all unclear or deviated from the purpose of the presentation, Leo would not let them continue.  By the time the third definition was presented -- if it got that far -- and completed, Leo understood the entire paper.


Old Sarge Old Sarge was a writer on the thyca website. I read a number of his posts.  Then one day he posted: "I bid you a loving farewell." Old Sarge was saying goodbye.  His physician gave him a few months to live. This goodbye, from a person that I have never met, was deeply moving.  A multiude of posts, from people whose lives Old Sarge's posts had touched, responded