Servan-Schreiber, D. (2009) Anticancer; A new way of life," Penguin Group, New York Toronto, London.


This book, written by a physician and brain scientist, is amazing.  It generally cites scientific articles to back up its claims but is easily readible. There are many suggestions for life-style changes, including many about foods.  For me, much was not surprising but I learned a lot.  None of it stretched my credibility.


The author also writes very gently about the importance of the mind. It is calming just to read his writings.  


He also writes with great sensitivity about the feeling of helplessness that cancer victims can experience and potential effects of this on the body and mind.   The idea that one can work towards helping themselves through diet, excercise, music mediation  -- we are not helpless victims -- by itself alleviates the feeling of helplessness.



Bolte Taylor, Jill: My Stroke of Insight: A Brain Scientist's Personal Journey


Another great book, also gently written, about a brain scientist's long recovery from a massive stroke.  It has lead me to be more aware of the  "chattering" of my brain, the replaying of anxieties and how these can take over and distract me from what I want to think about. 



For listening and your moood


Thanks to a writer on the thyca website, DariaJ, I found Hemi-Sync, the brand name of a company that produces cd's for the mind. I am trying "Deep Sleep" It is strange. It sounds like a low sort of slightly irregular rumbel. Maybe it gets more exciting as the cd pregresses but I cannot say for sure; I am already asleep.